Stainless Product Supplies-Production and processing of stainless steel plate
Stainless Product Supplies:

Stainless steel plate is a thick steel plate with a thickness of less than 4mm after further cold rolling according to the hot rolled steel of general carbon steel. Harm caused by material plate to steel coil manufacturing: one of the key elements in the design scheme of four roll rolling machine is material plate.The spot heating in stainless steel plate is mainly used to correct the convex and concave deformation of thick plate. The heat treatment method of stainless steel plate will soon be called flame correction. In this way, the flame temperature will be applied to heat some stainless steel plates.Before laser welding processing, remove all articles unfavorable to electric welding, and polish or otherwise solve the surface of stainless steel plate, so as to avoid the reduction of compressive strength and corrosion resistance caused by electric welding. Due to the diversity of customer applications, laser cutting is sometimes carried out for 304 stainless steel pipe, and generally the large bending level can exceed 180 °.