Stainless steel profile and flat steel made in China

Stainless steel profile belongs to a kind of stainless steel profile, its shape can be divided into many kinds, the most common for Angle steel, flat steel, channel steel and so on.


Stainless steel flat is rectangular steel with slightly pure edges. Stainless steel flat steel can be semi-finished steel. There are cold drawn polished stainless steel flat and hot rolled acid white sandblasted stainless steel flat.

Mainly divided into equilateral and unequal two categories, equilateral also known as stainless steel square steel. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of side length and side thickness.


The surface quality of stainless steel flat steel is stipulated in the standard, and the general requirements shall not exist harmful defects in use, such as layering, scarring, cracks and so on.

The allowable range of geometric shape deviation is also stipulated in the standard, which generally includes bending degree, side width, side thickness, vertex Angle, theoretical weight and other items, and stipulates that there is a significant twist.

Stainless steel flat steel used in the construction of Bridges, frames, fences, transmission ships, vehicles and so on. The raw material billet of stainless steel flat steel is low carbon square billet, and the finished stainless steel flat steel is hot rolled, cold rolled or hot rolled state delivery.

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