The surface of stainless steel is thin and dense with chrome-rich oxide film, which makes the stainless steel water pipe have good corrosion resistance in all the water including soft water, even if it is buried in the ground, it also has excellent corrosion resistance. On the spot corrosion test data shows that the service life of stainless steel water pipe can reach 100 years, the life cycle almost does not need to maintain, avoided the cost of pipeline replacement and trouble, comprehensive use cost is low.、

1, clamping connection --------- is divided into single clamping and double clamping. Double clamping is the most stable connection. The radial contraction force (hydraulic clamp) is used to clamp the pipe fitting onto the pipe, and the connection effect is achieved through the water stop of the O-ring. Easy to operate, good sealing, not removable.

2, the expansion ring connection --------- adopts radial contraction force (hydraulic clamp) to clamp the pipe fitting on the pipe, and through the water stop of the broadband rubber seal ring, to achieve the connection effect, removable, the pipe installation increases the process of rolling convex ring at the pipe end; The sealing property is general, and the cost of casting pipe fittings is high.

3, welding connection --------- the use of hot melt process, the two connector fusion, to achieve the effect of connection. High connection strength, welding seam gas protection is difficult to reach the standard, resulting in welding seam rust, directly reduce the service life of the pipeline; Installation quality is highly dependent on welding workers' technology, and the quality is difficult to stabilize

4, self-locking connection -- the earliest used for small caliber plastic hose connection, without the use of tools, fast installation. The internal interface is easy to loose water leakage, poor sealing.

1. Classification by production method:

(1) Seamless pipe -- cold drawn pipe, extrusion pipe, cold rolled pipe.

(2) welded pipe:

(a) Classification by process -- gas shielded welded pipes, arc welded pipes, resistance welded pipes (high frequency, low frequency).

(b) By welding seam - straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe.

2, according to the wall thickness classification - thin wall steel pipe, thick wall steel pipe

3, according to material classification:

(1) 304 stainless steel water pipe;

(2) 304L stainless steel water pipe;

(3) 316 stainless steel water pipe;

(4) 316L stainless steel water pipe;