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The application of stainless steel flux cored wire is mainly MAG welding, MAG welding has the following characteristics; 1) Compared with manual welding, welding speed can be improved 2-4 times, its welding efficiency is up to 90%(stainless steel electrode only 55%)2) to the current, voltage adaptation range, welding conditions are easy to set, easy to conduct semi-automatic and automatic welding. 3) Good slag removal, welding pass surface gloss. In addition, the splash is very small, the arc stability is good, X-ray qualified.


A .Description

A. Stable arc, low splashing, high deposited effeciency, beautiful seam, suitable for all position;  

B. Raw Material: TianJin Steel Mill; 

C. The nearest port: TianJin Port; 

D. Delivery Time: 7-15 days after your confirmed order;

E.OEM strictly according to customer's package design requirement 

B.Welding Wire Chemical Composition(%)

Standard and steel gradeGauge(mm)Welding wire chemical composition(%)

C.Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal  

Mechanical properties of deposited metal
(Mpa)Yield stength(Mpa)Tensile strength(%)Elongation(°C)AKV impact

 D. Specification and Reference Current  

Diameterφ0.8φ1.0φ1.2φ1.6All Position Welding
F Current (A)40~18050~22080~350170~550
Please notedThe wires must be kept in dry. Open the package
only when welding to avoid rusting.
Before welding, please clean oil, rust, water, etc. from the work piece.

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